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From the preliminary findings just after the BTCAKE token launch, we believed that the dump was because of disabling the ANTI DUMP and incorrect values in the reward system.

Unfortunately, the situation turned out to be more complicated, it seems the most likely scenario is an attack!

Attack transaction:

After checking how fees and dividends are calculated, we are positive that the anti-whaling system had some success in its apparent mishap.

Our anti-whale system rejects the transfers if they exceed some predetermined proportion of assets held by the user. …

20 May 2021 Version 1.0

Functionalities :

BSC TradingView live charts pairs

TradingView Indicators

Search pair by the symbol

Switch V1/V2

History Transactions

Bscscan info

Social Media Info

15 July 2021 Version 2.0

New Functionalities :

Night Mode

Subscriptions system

Favorite Pairs

Pool Explorer

Optimization package


Follow our Twitter and telegram channel, posts will be published on random days.

On random days we will publish a new avatar for the participants of the game.

If you want to take part in a challenge on a given day, you must:
Step 1) Download avatar from telegram channel on the contest day, and replace your profile picture on Twitter and Telegram.
Step 2) Like & “Quote tweet” and write a few words about TCAKE by adding the hashtag #TCAKE #AvatarSwapChallenge tag one friend on the contest tweet. …

Launch 10 May on

  • Check upcoming events on the top projects
  • Check upcoming public sales
  • Check upcoming listings on dexs
  • Add email alert

Only projects that meet the conditions will be published in the calendar :

  • Token audit certificate
  • Delivery of confirmation team KYC — by any independent KYC confirmation company you choose.
  • If the project is listed on dex need confirmation liquidity locked


Tcake does not support projects, instead just give info about new projects events. Make your own research, ALWAYS DYOR, and proceed with your own risk.

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