AvatarSwap Challenge


Follow our Twitter and telegram channel, posts will be published on random days.

On random days we will publish a new avatar for the participants of the game.

If you want to take part in a challenge on a given day, you must:
Step 1) Download avatar from telegram channel on the contest day, and replace your profile picture on Twitter and Telegram.
Step 2) Like & “Quote tweet” and write a few words about TCAKE by adding the hashtag #TCAKE #AvatarSwapChallenge tag one friend on the contest tweet.
Step 3) Comment under the tweet of the day then paste your BSC address and USERNAME from TELEGRAM.

Have you done everything as we wrote above? If your answer is YES! Then you are taking part in #AvatarSwapChallenge !
This gives you the opportunity to win TCAKE prizes worth 1000 TCAKE per one challenge.


Note the avatars will change on random days so if you want to take part in the next day of play, you must
change avatar and repeat procedure.
Remember that in order to take part in the game you have to correctly follow each of the steps provided.

Good luck!